The CAR3D Project aims to design, develop, and validate reusable masks and other PPEs that comply with all the EU quality and safety requirements and specifications, making that design available for replication around Europe. This will create a reference platform, improving Europe's production capacities for the best response to covid19 and future crises.

We want to create masks and Personal Protective Equipment, the best solution to the Covid-19 pandemic, until there is a vaccine. Are you interested in collaboration on CAR3D Project?

If you need raw material or Personal Protective Equipment suppliers, you can find the best choice of suppliers on our map! We want to help you contribute your work against the covid-19 pandemic.

It is very important to comply with the security and validation requirements of the EU in all the Personal Protective Equipment. That’s why we provide you with the guidelines to achieve the best results!

CAR3D Project wants to reduce the pressure of the procurement of PPE. Involving Additive Manufacturing suppliers means the current demand can be met without the need to scale up a new, dedicated industry.


Our Team

Technological Center Expert in Manufacturing Technologies, 3D Printing and Research

End-user and project coordinator.
One of the most important pediatric and women’s health centers in the world.

Based in Barcelona, it’s one of the leading 3D printer manufacturers in the world.

Research group with experience in design. Grup Barcelona de… (GBD)

Key partner that improve the interactions between the professional sphere and the creative potential of higher education.

What People Says

  • Today we can manufacture high complexity parts with the high complexity CAD and computer simulation tools that exist. Highly optimized, very effective things can be done, and here we have the oportunity to improve. 

    Felip Fenollosa, CIM UPC Director

Latest News

Spain certifies the new personal protective equipment of the CAR3D Project

  Our personal protective equipment Face Shield UB, produced by digital manufacturing technologies, has been certified by Instituto Nacional de Seguridad y Salud en el Trabajo from Spain, a notified body of the European Union.  This face shield ...
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