We present two new videos of the CAR3D Project to publicize the new advances and the operation of the platform. With this post we show you the new CAR3D videos, where you can see the presentation of the project, the platform and also the presentation of the new face shield.

These videos are part of the presentation and dissemination campaign of the CAR3D project. After months of work, now we want to reach as many people as possible to achieve our goal: to have an effective platform that serves the whole of Europe.

Pamela Lustig and Toni Aranzana, the designers, tell us, in the first video, how the process of creating and manufacturing the new Face Shield has been. It is important to note that doctors, who are the end users of this product, have participated in this process.

Therefore, we want to value very positively that we can work with them, because we can base ourselves on their needs from the beginning, such as knowing if the PPE is comfortable enough, if it is useful, if it is easy to put on and take off,if it can be disinfected quickly, etc. It has been a very important part of the creation and design process to adapt this face shield as much as possible to the needs of doctors.

In the second video, you can learn what browsing our website is like, so you don’t miss any details. You will see how to download files, where to find suppliers and you will also discover our forum, where you can write all your questions and, together, we will surely find the best answer.

And now, without further ado, we present the new videos of the CAR3D Project! 

And below, we attach the video tutorial to explain all the features of our new website:

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