Last tuesday, September 8th, our Design team met to keep moving forward on the CAR3D Project. We did a workshop where we could talk and work hands-on about the modifications of face shield and mask to improve their portability, usability and make them more comfortable for medical professionals. We proposed material changes, design improvements, and inputs for CE certification. In addition, we also detailed some corrections and modifications to optimize the printing process.

We took the opportunity to talk about the next steps of the project, such as the implementation of a product cleaning protocol – mask and face shield -, assembly instructions and information for users. We are also inputs for CE certification to begin clinical trials as soon as possible.

In this way, CAR3D Project team from CIM UPC, Sant Joan de Déu Hospital, BCN3D Technologies and University of Barcelona are working together to achieve the goals we have set ourselves and make this project a reality: Our challenge is to design and develop the best protections against Covid19 and future crises. We want PPE to be available all over Europe and we are working to make it accessible to anyone by creating a reference platform with designs, contacts and supply chains already in place.

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