Spain certifies the new personal protective equipment of the CAR3D Project

  Our personal protective equipment Face Shield UB, produced by digital manufacturing technologies, has been certified by Instituto Nacional de Seguridad y Salud en el Trabajo from Spain, a notified body of the European Union.  This face shield has been designed to be the simplest on the market and with a low manufacturing cost. The […]

3D printing to the rescue of healthcare workers in the worst moment of the pandemic

  The CEO of the catalan company BCN3D, Xavier Martínez Faneca, tells how the health crisis has valued a technology that until now many considered science fiction. Before the pandemic, 3D printing – the creation of three-dimensional objects by overlaying layers of material – was for many a matter of science fiction. However, the health […]

How 3D printing could tackle PPE shortages during a future pandemic

The PPE shortage in 2020 led to worldwide shortages and rocketing prices. Jean-Charles Bricongne (Aix-Marseille University and Business to Ideas consortium) and members of the CAR3D consortium explain how 3D printing could enable countries to scale up their production during health emergencies. “How much is a mask or a face shield, and where can I […]

Innovation against Covid

The CAR3D project, together with other four Catalan projects fighting against the impact of the pandemic, receive finance from the European Union. Last December, the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) distributed 60 million euros between 207 projects and, from those planning to contribute to the response against the pandemic, five involve the participation […]

The CAR3D Project in the “Emergency: designs against COVID-19” exhibition

The CAR3D project participates in the “Emergency! Designs against COVID-19” an exhibition from the Barcelona Design Museum, with more than 50 initiatives that have given a rapid response to the health crisis from the field of design. These proposals reach very different areas, but they all have a common goal: design to help. This exhibition […]

Video presentation of the CAR3D Project! Discover the most important advances made so far

We present two new videos of the CAR3D Project to publicize the new advances and the operation of the platform. With this post we show you the new CAR3D videos, where you can see the presentation of the project, the platform and also the presentation of the new face shield. These videos are part of […]

The CAR3D Project team has designed a new ear hook to reduce the discomfort of wearing a mask

The CAR3D Project team is still working to identify existing solutions and create reference designs for sanitary materials that meet all quality and safety EU requirements. Some Personal Protective Equipment examples are already available on our Downloads page. There, you can find masks, face shields, and we are working to make the most extensive catalog […]

Masks and face shields of the CAR3D Project are getting closer to being a reality

Last tuesday, September 8th, our Design team met to keep moving forward on the CAR3D Project. We did a workshop where we could talk and work hands-on about the modifications of face shield and mask to improve their portability, usability and make them more comfortable for medical professionals. We proposed material changes, design improvements, and […]

CAR3D Project is working with new Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to adapt them to the needs of professionals

Last tuesday, July 28th, we did a workshop at Sant Joan de Déu Hospital to test new designs and prototypes of masks and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to continue working on them, and adapt to the needs of health professionals. CAR3D Project team; from CIM UPC, Sant Joan de Déu Hospital, BCN3D Technologies and […]