Within the framework of CAR3D Project, its consortium has organized a Workshop in Sant Joan de Déu Hospital to try some designs and materials to begin to develop new Personal Protective Equipment (EPP).

CAR3D Project team from CIM UPC, Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, BCN3D Technologies and University of Barcelona have worked with some features such as shield size, space for glasses and specifics light, weight, dimensions, stability, adaptability, among others in order to make the best PPE. The workshop was also attended by five Hospital Sant Joan de Déu doctors (Dentistry, Maxillofacial, Radiology and Simulations) to check and give their opinion on the use of masks and other PPEs in their areas of action, and to be able to  prove how useful they’re at the times when they’re most needed. 

Our challenge is to design and develop the best protections against Covid19 and future crises. We want PPE to be available all over Europe and we will work for to make it available to anyone who may need it by creating a reference platform with designs, contacts and supply chains already in place.

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